Kendrick Moholt Photography Sales


Fine Art Prints       Produced Using Only Archival Materials


Please contact me (503-502-8620) with your specific needs. Custom orders are always welcome. You can provide me with a file number from
this site or with a subject or physical setting and I can suggest images. I enjoy creating groupings such as a tryptic, or finding pieces for a special room.
Widths for the sizes seen below may vary slightly depending on cropping. Framing is available from the frame shop at my studio. However, shipping on very large pieces has its chalenges so we will discuss options- costs will vary.  Sometimes sending a print to your framer will be the best option.

16x20 inch         Framed or Metal Print                                                    $350.00
                            Paper Print                                                                       $200.00

20x24 inch         Framed or Metal Print                                                    $450.00
                            Paper Print                                                                       $275.00

20x30 inch         Framed or Metal Print                                                    $550.00
                            Paper Print                                                                        $325.00


“It took only an instant for Raven to decide to steal the light for himself, but it took a lot longer for him to invent a way to do so.”

-from   The Raven Steals the Light
by Bill Reid and Robert Bringhurst

For many years now I have been obsessively trying to follow in the footsteps of Raven; trying to steal light so I can keep it for myself.  This is the objective when I grab a camera and enter the world, catching and keeping light.

As a child, any object from nature that would fit into my pockets was brought home and put on shelves in little collections. I kept rocks, feathers, skulls, and pinecones so I keep a little bit of what was wonderful in the world.

In time the compulsion to collect was turned into photography. Now my collections, hundreds of thousands of images, sit quietly in special places. My first efforts were black and white prints from an Instamatic camera and then the shelves started to fill with boxes of 35mm slides. In those days I used Kodachrome 64 slide film, now impossible to buy, the Kodak company not moving into the digital world fast enough to avoid troubles with financial obligations. Since 2005, my collections have been digital. Little binary ones and zeros packed onto a computer to represent the things I find most intriguing in the world. My shelves are now filled with hard drive backups.

But the stored packets of digital information, emerging illuminated on a computer screen, are not the only goal. Ultimately, I like to see my images come back into a physical form—Fine Art Prints.

I intentionally live in a wild and remote place on the planet. All the amenities of the modern world are not easily accessible. Facilities that will mount and frame photos properly are not available locally, so I bought a mat cutter and a glass cutter and created a framing shop in the basement of my office.

My collected packets of light, from around the world, can be shared. I use the finest archival ink and paper in my large format printer. I am happy to ship prints so you can have them mounted by a local frame shop. This is the easiest way to distribute work anywhere in the world. However, I am also able to mat and frame my work for you. Shipping very large pieces of art under museum quality glass has its challenges, but nothing is impossible. Another option is to have a photographic lab print and mount images on metallic plates that can be shipped directly, ready to be hung on your wall.

You are welcome to visit my office in Enterprise, Oregon to select a piece from the gallery wall or have me help you find an image from my files. If you can’t make the trip, use the contact page or give me a call so we can find a piece that will fit your needs perfectly.


Stock Photography      Digital File Licensing

Personal Use (non-commercial)                                                                   $15.00

Presentation Use (digital presentation or newsletter)                              $15.00

Website Use (social media, app, website—advertising excluded)             $30.00

Books and Magazines (inside book or single magazine, <2,500 circ.)     $50.00

Marketing (business promotion and single marketing campaign)          $100.00

Please contact me for advertising use!